CDD: How Well Are You Talking To Your Customers?

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Release Management

CDD provides a built-in release management system which provides: Here's what a typical session looks like. First, authentication: specify a password. The actual password is controlled by you when you include the CDD system:

Next, check the features you have completed, type in some release notes, and specify a version number:

Finally, prepare to send email to your users. If you are using public-key encryption, you need to enter your pass-phrase protected private-key now, along with the pass-phrase. Otherwise, just enter the password which corresponds to the CDD_PASSWORD md5 checksum. Note: it's a good idea to host this web-site in an https container if you are really paranoid about security (as you should be).

Hitting Send Email To Users will complete the operation, and perform a one-time mailing to your user-base, one user at a time (it might take a while so be patient and leave the browser alone...).

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