CDD: How Well Are You Talking To Your Customers?

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CDD: How Well Are You Talking To Your Customers?

by P. Simon Tuffs, Software Architect and Consultant (

2005-02-02: the recent cosmetic "fread" problems with the CDD project were caused by the upgrade to PHP at the site. Thanks to those who pointed them out.


As an open-source developer one of the frustrations I face is connecting with my customers. Thousands of people may download the code, but I only hear from them when there is a problem. There are two ways that I want to interact with my users: How hard could this be? Well, as I discovered, there isn't much in the way of simple infrastructure to automate these seemingly obvious goals. You can get complex and use Bugzilla or one of the other bug-tracking tools, but what if you want a system that doesn't need a relational database, and is simple to install and administrate?

So I decided to build one, and CDD (Customer Driven Development) is the result. CDD lets your customers tell you what's important to them, and lets you tell your customers when its done. Thats it! If you need more, other CRM tools (such as Bugzilla) are your next step.

Time for a Bootstrap!

Notice: Due to changes in the Sourceforge web-hosting this demonstration is currently offline. We are working to resolve the issues.


Your email address is stored in encrypted form on this system, and cannot be used by others to bother you with spam. I will be switching to 2048 RSA public key encryption shortly (as soon as I can get SourceForge to enable openssl), but for now a simple (secret key) encryption technique is being used. But it's not that simple: here's my email address as stored in the database: DQEiLCUEKCYuCy0PKQcnPDYEJSYFKywgDzUkOj4hNwUlLTsxDic0IzN8aW4FZ2NCdQxrPGc4CGtgPwJzAQABDQZ2OWRncCg7MmNoZj4kCSQ+Ijw2IAkhOzQnDywpBjkqNgUjPg= Even I can't decrypt that into a valid address without access to the secret key!

Please note that CDD is still early-release software (Version 0.1.0), and any data you enter here may be deleted.

Release Management

CDD provides a built in
release-manager to let you manage features and communicate with your users. A live demo of the CDD release-manager available here. The username and passwords are 'admin'.


That's all there is to CDD. It's a sort of table-wiki-emailer, but its simplicity is its power. Beyond managing open-source projects it could be used for: Please make some suggestions for what you'd like this software to do, and I can take it from there.

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